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Live Music Samplers (if your ears are happy, see below to book)

To hear Andy play on-line, please click on the links to the right of this page. These are medley samplers of Andy on keyboards, on guitar, on vocals and playing in various studio sessions. The studio session samplers not only show Andy’s playing ability, but, also, demonstrate his skills in musical arrangement and studio production.

To listen to Andy performing live with the band “Us Not Them” (Pink Floyd Tribute Band) or with the “Amethyst Duo” (function/cover act), please click on the appropriate links (see right) to go to these websites.

Should you wish to book a band or duo, Andy as a solo musician, or to ask Andy to put a group of musicians together to meet particular requirements, please do not hesitate to contact him 


Featured: Sing along while Andy plays- ask about his new "Live Music + Karaoke" combination package!

Instrumental and vocal solos:  

Keyboards     Guitar     Vocals

Studio sessions- lead keyboard and guitar parts played live, but recorded separately:

Andy with his current bands:

Amethyst     Us Not Them  (Pink Floyd Tribute)


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